Chrome-free Leather Initiative (Ethiopia)

Within the Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project, we’re facilitating awareness raising, design and production of chrome-free leather products. Why chrome-free? Traditional chrome-tanned leather results in water pollution that is toxic to the eco-system. Chromium saturated waste water, if it enters the water supply, is very harmful for our health, also carcinogenic.

The initaitve is led by a group of small leather goods manufacturers who created a joint brand “GEL” (Green Ethiopian Leather). Today, we’re presenting creations of Muzzbig and Trufat Leather.

Learn more about the toxic price of leather in this Pulitzer funded short documentary by Sean Gallagher:

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project is funded by EU and implemented by Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), Precise Consult International and our company Inoa, Innovative Organsations.