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Chrome-free Leather Initiative 

Within the Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project, we’re facilitating awareness raising, design and production of chrome-free leather products. Why chrome-free? Traditional chrome-tanned leather results in water pollution that is toxic to the eco-system. Chromium saturated waste water, if it enters the water supply, is very harmful for our health, also carcinogenic.

The initaitve is led by a group of small leather goods manufacturers who created a joint brand “GEL” (Green Ethiopian Leather). Today, we’re presenting creations of Muzzbig and Trufat Leather.

Learn more about the toxic price of leather in this Pulitzer funded short documentary by Sean Gallagher:

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project is funded by EU and implemented by Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA), Precise Consult International and our company Inoa, Innovative Organsations.

In and Around Svetinje

Inoa team is supporting a cluster of local tourism providers from Svetinje, revealing genuine beauty of this wine-growing destination in Prlekija in Northeastern Slovenia.

There’s so much to be experienced in and around Svetinje, such as: beautiful landscapes with fantastic sunsets, excellent wine and food, numerous opportunities for biking, hiking, nature exploration. Together with nearby towns, Svetinje offers abundance of cultural events.


Sustainable Ethiopian Street Fashion

Within GEM project, we are supporting Sustainable Ethiopian Street Fashion Movement.
The initiative is led by several young Ethiopian fashion designers who are creating their trendy designs from natural materials with care for people and nature.

Che Seven Fashion

The other major GEM initiative, Lalibela Arts and Crafts Festival, held in October 2019, proved to be very successful, gathering 29 exhibitors of authentic handicrafts. Local artisans agreed to organise it again in the beginning of next year.


Strategic Workshop of Tourism Stakeholders in Plav, Montenegro

A very dynamic workshop of tourism providers from Montenegro and Kosovo, discussing existing offer, best practices and new opportunities for sustainable tourism development in and around Accursed Mountains.

Inoa team is glad to contribute and be part of this project!

“Eco and Outdoor Tourism Actions of the Balkan Alps” are being implemented by Center for Protection and Research of Birds of Montenegro (CZIP) in collaboration with Montenegrin Mountain Rescue Service and partners from Kosovo – Kosovo Advocacy and Development Centre (KADC) and mountaineering association „Pashtriku”. Inoa’s role in the project is to co-create sustainable tourism offer and to consult on international promotion of the destination. 

Photos by Igor Stojović

For French Speaking Visitors

In collaboration with Franck Planete and Nativa Institute, Cursed Mountains Experience (Prokletije / Bjeshkët e Nemuna) is presented to French speaking visitors.

Nature enthusiasts and adventurers can experience a wide variety of activities in the mountains, rivers and lakes while culture lovers can enjoy rich and diverse cultural heritage and culinary offer in this beautiful off-the-beaten path European destination.

Africa Day, 8th International Conference

Inoa and our partners Precise Consult International from Ethiopia and SME Movement from South Africa have jointly presented their views on sustainable entrepreneurship in Ethiopia and other Sub-Saharan countries at the 8th Africa Day International Conference in Ljubljana, Slovenia, hosted by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Slovenia. At the panel, our experience with Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project has been discussed.
The event is being attended by high level political delegations and entrepreneurs from numerous African countries and by the representatives of the European Commission.

Photo by Henok Assefa

Photo by Barbara Vtič Vraničar

Balkan Alps Experience

Grebaja Valley; Photo by Tanja Ivanović

We are pleased to announce that Inoa team will be co-creating Balkan Alps Experience in the cross-border area between Montenegro and Kosovo. Amazing Prokletije mountains, the highest mountain range in the Dinaric Alps, are located there, attracting mountaineers from all over the world.

Together with our clients, we will be working with local communities and tourism providers, jointly building on authentic, sustainable tourist experiences.

Prokletije Mountain Range; Photo by Tanja Ivanović

GEM – Sustainable Product Design

One year after its beginning, Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project is well on track, addressing topics of market access, sustainable product design and SCP certification. Altogether, 99 entrepreneurs are involved in GEM clusters.

During our last field visit, Inoa expert Tatjana Suhadolc provided advisory on sustainable product design to several enterprises from GEM clusters. Entrepreneurs were supported by new product design ideas, recommendations for quality improvement, creative usage of waste (zero-waste design) etc.

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM)

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project has been launched in Addis Ababa!

Inoa is partnering with Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) and Precise Consult International on this EU funded Switch Africa Green project. Over 100 Ethiopian micro, small and medium enterprises will be supported throughout the next 3+ years in seizing ‘green growth’ opportunities.

Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.



Photos by ECCSA