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Slovenia Business Portal

Ljubljana, 7 November 2018

Our team attended an annual meeting of “Africa Business Group” at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia today. We presented the Slovenia Business Portal which is supporting Slovenian entrepreneurs to find and build opportunities to grow their businesses by connecting with each other and other businesses in over 83 countries.

The presentation was accompanied by individual meetings with entrepreneurs who are seeking new business opportunities in Africa.

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM)

Greening Ethiopian Manufacturing (GEM) project has been launched in Addis Ababa!

Inoa is partnering with Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (ECCSA) and Precise Consult International on this EU funded Switch Africa Green project. Over 100 Ethiopian micro, small and medium enterprises will be supported throughout the next 3+ years in seizing ‘green growth’ opportunities.

Ethiopia is one of the fastest growing economies in Africa.



Photos by ECCSA

Sustainable Water Treatment


Sarajevo field is the largest water source in Bosnia & Herzegovina, supplying almost half a million inhabitants with water. This very important source of water supply needs to be treated sustainably. 

Sustainable water treatment is a complex issue, integrating adoption of modern technology, capacity building and awareness raising. Our experts are taking part in this endeavour. 

Upper Egypt Local Development Program


Upper Egypt Local Development Program

We are collaborating on the Upper Egypt Local Development Program (UELDP). By launching this program, the World Bank Group is aiming at supporting economic and social development of the two lagging governorates Qena and Sohag (US$500 million will be dedicated for this purpose). Our expert is being involved in the identification of clusters and in the design of the Program Operational Manual.



Tadeja’s Blog Post Among the Best 20 Stories About the Balkans

Tadeja’s blog post ‘Top 5 Highlights for Nature Lovers in the Boka Kotor Bay’ has been chosen among the best 20 stories about the Western Balkans on the renowned Balkanvibe travel blogger portal.

top 20 stories1

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Strategic Development Plan of the Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra

Ankaran, March 2016

Strategic Development Plan of the Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra 

Inoa experts are co-creating Strategic Development Plan of the Orthopaedic Hospital Valdoltra, addressing key strategies and actions of this renowned medical institution in the period 2016-2020. More than 30 employees are involved in this interactive strategy development process.

(Slovensko) Študija biotske raznovrstnosti Orjena in Sniježnice

Kotor, 15.12.2015

Študija biotske raznovrstnosti Orjena in Sniježnice

Inoa s sodelavci izvaja “Študijo biotske raznovrstnosti Orjena in Sniježnice”, kar bo med drugim podlaga za pripravo čezmejne “Strategije eko turizma in turizma opazovanja ptic Južnega Jadrana”. Gre za slikovito območje od parka Biokovo, doline Neretve, Konavelj do Boke Kotorske, znano po jadranski selitveni poti ptic. Projekt vodita Center za zaščito in preučevanje ptic Črne gore (CZIP) in Občina Baška Voda.